R. Srikanth

  • Foundations of quantum mechanics
  • Quantum information theory
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Solar physics: supergranulation
  • Cognition

Quantum information theory:

  1. Non-Markovianity in quantum information processing
  2. Representing graphs by quantum states
  3. Quantum noise characterization via quantum error correcting codes
  4. Counterfactual cryptography
  5. Quantum correlations in particle physics

Foundations of quantum mechanics:

  1. Nature of the quantum state: relation to causality & cryptography
  2. Characterizing nonclassicality in single and multi-partite systems
  3. Absolute and genuine nonclassicality of correlations in bipartite & multipartite systems.
  4. Computation in generalized probability theories.

Quantum cryptography:

  1. Foundational implications of quantum cryptography
  2. Post-cold-war quantum cryptography
  3. Noise-restricted eavesdropping in practical situations

Solar physics:

  1. Solar supergranulation
  2. Solar energy management


  1. Computability, volition and cognition
  2. Identity and individuation
  3. Quantum cognition, decision making.
  1. Quantum Bit Commitment and the Reality of the Quantum State. R. Srikanth. Foundations of Physics. 48, 92-109 (2018).

  2. On the nonclassicality of single systems. S. Aravinda, R. Srikanth and A. Pathak. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 50, 465303 (2017)

  3. Nonclassicality of local bipartite correlations C. Jebaratnam, S. Aravinda, R. Srikanth Phys. Rev. A 95, 032120 (2017)

  4. Characterization of Unruh channel in the context of open quantum systems Subhashish Banerjee, Ashutosh Kumar Alok, S. Omkar, R. Srikanth.J. High Energ. Phys. (2017) 2017: 82.

  5. Extending quantum mechanics entails extending special relativity  S. Aravinda and R. Srikanth Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 49, 205302 (2016)

  6. The Unruh effect interpreted as a quantum noise channel S. Omkar, Subhashish Banerjee, R. Srikanth, Ashutosh Kumar Alok  Quantum Inf. and Comp. 16, 0757  (2016)

  7. The two-qubit amplitude damping channel: characterization using quantum stabilizer codes, S. Omkar, R. Srikanth, Subhashish Banerjee, Anil Shaji Annals of Physics, 373, 145-162 (2016).

  8. Bipartite separability and non-local quantum operations on graphs Supriyo Dutta, Bibhas Adhikari, Subhashish Banerjee, R. Srikanth  Phys. Rev. A 94, 012306 (2016)

  9. Violation of no-signaling in higher-order quantum measure theories. Karthik Joshi, R. Srikanth and Urbasi Sinha.  Int. J. Quantum Inform, 14, 1650024 (2016)

Long term PROJECTS:

  1. "Feasibility study of a practical Realization of a protocol for semi-counterfactual quantum key distribution (QKD)" -- sponsored by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Govt of India (Jan 2018--)
  2. “Computational speedup in quantum mechanics and generalized probabilistic theories” -- sponsored by Dept of Science and Technology - SERB project number (Mar, 2017 --)
  3. “A Dialog across Traditions: Modern science and ancient insights on reality”, (together with Prof Sisir Roy, NIAS, Bangalore and Prof Debajyoti Gangopadhyay, VBU, Hazaribag), sponsored by the Indian Council for Philosophical Research (ICPR), Delhi (symposium: Oct 25--27, 2016)
  4. "Entanglement, nonlocality and superluminal signaling in deterministic and indeterministic extensions of quantum mechanics"  -- sponsored by Dept. of Science and Technology (DST) project number SR/S2/LOP-02/2012 (Mar 2012 -- Mar 2016).

Short term PROJECTS:

I list various Masters / undergrad reading or research projects I have guided or am guiding:

  1. Paritosh Kapadia (PES University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India) May-July 2017. Topic: A comparison between the classical Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm and the Quantum Fourier transform (QFT) and application of QFT in factoring
  2. Deepankar Sarmah (IISER-Kolkatal) May-July, 2017 Topic: On appriximating universal quantum computing
  3. Swadhin Agrawal (IISER-Bhopal) May-July, 2017 Topic: On appriximating universal quantum computing
  4. Koshy George (Amrita University, Kollam, Kerala, India) Jan-Jun 2017 Topic: On the reality of the quantum state: a Review of ψ-ontology theorems
  5. Mr Shesha Gopal (IISER-Kolkata), May 16, 2016  Topic: Facet inequalities for quantum nonlocality
  6. Mr Avinash Bhargav (Central University, Hyderabad) May 16, 2016 Topic: Convex optimization and semidefinite programming
  7. Mr A. Animesh (June 10 to Nov 9, 2016). Topic: Towards a device-independent semi-counterfactual quantum cryptography protocol
  8. Mr E. Pradeep Kumar (June 10 to Oct 10, 2016). Topic: Quantum correlations and neutrino oscillations.
  9. Mr Shrikant Utagi, Central University of Karnataka, Gulbarga, Summer internship (Dec 10, 2014 to Feb 9, 2015):(Topic: Quantum indistinguishability: some foundational considerations)
  10. Mr. Pavan Iyengar of University of Pune. RRI Visiting Student internship (May 22, 2012 to May 21, 2013): (Topic: Quantifying quantumness via commutators: An application to quantum walks.).
  11. Ms. Preeti Yadav of St. Stephen's College, RRI Visiting Student internship (Aug 21, 2012 to Aug 21, 2013): (Topic: On the multipartite extension of the Goldenberg-Vaidman quantum key distribution protocol).
  12. Mr. Rox Ranjeeth of National College, Bangalore, REAP scholarship of Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore (Aug 20, 2011 to Aug 21, 2012): (Topic: Why quantum no-cloning is not violated in a laser.).
  13. Mr. X. Bangarusai of IISER Kolkata, RRI Summer internship (May 10 to July 10, 2012): (Topic:Optimal cloning from no-signaling).
  14. Ms. Ashima Arora of IISER Mohali. RRI Summer internship (May 20 to July 20, 2012): (Topic:The role of entanglement in quantum computational speed-up).
  15. Mr. Siddhartha Das of IISER Pune, RRI Summer internship (May 10 to July 10, 2012): (Topic:Roy-Singh inequalities).
  16. Mr Atul Mantri (IISER Mohali), (RRI Summer internship (Dec 15, 2011 to Jan 30, 2012): Topic: Geometry and classification of nonlocal boxes)
  17. Mr. Subramanya Hegde of Yuvraj College, Mysore (RRI Summer internship (Aug 16, 2011 to Jan 30, 2012): Topic: Quantum Turing machines)
  18. Mr Reet Chowdhury (NIT Tiruchirappalli) June 1 to July 4, 2011. Topic: Quantum Kolmogorov complexity
  19. Mr. Srinatha Narayanaswamy, PPISR Long-term internship (April 6, 2010 to Sep 6, 2011): (Topic: The Quantum cryptographic switch)
  20. Mr. Balaji Rao, PPISR Long-term internship (May 10, 2010 to May 11, 2011): (Topic:Noisy quantum walk).

After obtaining his PhD from IISc, Bangalore, Dr. R. Srikanth worked as a postdoctoral scholar at the (then) Center for Theoretical Studies, IISc and then at Light & Matter Physics (LAMP) group, RRI, Bangalore. He joined PPISR as a Faculty Fellow in 2006, becoming an Asstistant Professor in 2010.

He has guided three PhD students (separately) in the fields of quantum cryptography, quantum noise and quantum foundations; and has (co-)authored over 70 research papers.

  • Various invited talks and lectures. Most recently:
    1. Invited Talk: “Nonclassical properties of monopartite systems”
      International School and Conference on Quantum Information-2016, 
      Institute of Physics, February 9--18, 2016
    2. Invited talk: Operationally Lorentz-covariant extensions of quantum mechanics,International Conference on Quantum Foundations 2015, National Institute of Technology, Patna, November 30 -- December 4, 2015.
  • DST-sponsored project (Rs. 12 lakhs) "Entanglement, nonlocality and superluminal signaling in deterministic and indeterministic extensions of quantum mechanics" (2013--2016; SR/S2/LOP-02/2012)
  • Editor (Quanta, quanta.ws)
  • Reviewer (Phys Rev A, Quantum Information Processing, Physica Scripta, Int. J. Theoretical Physics, Quanta, etc.)
  • Philosophy of science: causality, free will, computability, individuation and identity
  • Organizer / co-organizer of
    1. International symposium titled Science Meets Oriental Philosophy 2015 (Dec 8, 2015) held at PPISR.
    2. Nalanda Dialogs (2009, 2010, 2012): (nalanda-dialogforum.org )
  • Invitations to adjudicate in science competitions, and as thesis examiner / reviewer.

Mr U. Shrikant

PhD Student

Thesis title:Computational speed-up in generalized probability theories


External PhD students

Ms Sowmya G. M (along with Prof. U. Paniveni, NIEIT, Mysore)
Thesis title: Rotational effects of the Solar supergranular spectrum

Ms. Rajani G,(along with Prof. U. Paniveni, NIEIT, Mysore)
Thesis title:Long-term variation of the fractal dimension of the Sun

Ms. Yamuna M. (along with Prof. U. Paniveni, NIEIT, Mysore)
Thesis title:Solar Energy and rural infrastructure





Mr S. Aravinda

Thesis title: Foundational Aspects  of Contextuality and  Nonlocality.

Currently at:Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

Dr S. Omkar

Thesis title: Operator Sum-Difference Representation and quantum error correction based characterization of noise due to Dissipative and Non­demolition Interaction with a squeezed Environment. 

Currently at: Center for Macroscopic Quantum Control, Seoul National University, S. Korea

Dr Akshata Shenoy Hejmadi (co-guided with Prof. T. Srinivas, ECE Dept., IISc)
Alumna of ECE Dept., IISc, Bangalore

Thesis title: Nonlocality and counterfactuality in Quantum Cryptography 

Currently at: Group of Applied Optics, University of Geneva, Switzerland