Theoretical Sciences

The division works in the board fields of many-body and mesoscopic physics, nanoscience, quantum information theory, quantum communication, quantum cryptography, the foundations of quantum mechanics, astronomy and astrophysics.

Mission & Goals

  • Study of entanglement in condensed matter and noisy quantum systems.
  • Study and application of quantum cryptography and quantum communication.
  • Understanding physics from a computational and informational standpoint.
  • Understanding philosophical issues (like individuation, identity and free will) from a physics standpoint.
  • Research and E/PO in astronomy and astrophysics

Glimpses of Current Research

  • Dynamics of entanglement: in spin chains, disspative and non-dissipative noisy channels.
  • Classification of quantum cryptographic protocols in quantum mechanics and generalized probability theories.
  • Quantum spin pumping and superconducting quantum dots.
  • Axiomatic approach to quantum mechanics from computation/information theoretic perspective.
  • Quantum mechanical formulation of free will.
  • Bell-Kochen-Specker theorem for identity in quantum mechanics.
  • Contextuality and nonlocality in quantum mechanics.
  • Multi wavelength studies of Gamma-ray bursts, UV Astronomy, Optical spectroscopy of hard X-ray sources, CVs.
  • Fractal and time-series analysis of Solar supergranulation.