Why support PPISR?

We invite you to be an esteemed philanthropic partner of an Institute that embodies a vision to integrate the spirit of the country’s ancient wisdom traditions with the practices of modern scientific research. By joining us, you will be part of this dream, first conceived by the pontiff of Admar Mutt, His Holiness late Sri Vibudhesha Teertha Swamiji, who gave us the motto, “Immortality through knowledge” (विद्ययाविन्दतेअमृतं/ vidyayā vindate amritam), of recognizing that the true pursuit of knowledge leads to inner evolution but can manifest as scientific research both in foundational areas as well as in applied areas with brilliant potential for benefitting humankind in the future. Every rupee gifted to PPISR is multiplied through our research students and associates we train, and thematic workshops and meetings we conduct, thereby influencing colleges, educational institutes and universities, and areas of research in the neighborhood, but also farther afield in the country, and hopefully, in time, around the world.

Your honored gift to us will affirm your recognition of the significance of the Institute’s mission to nurture independent research driven by curiosity refined by the desire for inner growth and for service to the world. It will continue to encourage our serene, congenial and unique environment for developing and exploring new ideas and training the next generation of scholars in these methods. It will support our capacity to pursue basic research by investing in our inspired Faculty, our theoretical and experimental facilities and to draw eminent researchers, both young and established. It will help initiate very new kinds of dialogs with a vast geographic and temporal scope.

Please get in touch with our Administrative Staff for further information.