Visitors' views

Year 2017

  • Dr. S SIVARAM, Prof. And INSA Senior Scientist, I I S E R, Pune.  
    Deeply impressed by the faculty and students, of their commitment and dedication to scientific research.  The diversity of problems being examined is astonishing.    I enjoyed my interaction.    I wish the institute greater and greater success.

  • Dr. TAPAS KUMAR MAJI, Prof. Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit, JNCASR, Bengaluru.
    PPISR is located in a beautifulsurrounding of nature and ideal place to do good science.  Wonderful faculties and students, delighted interacting with them.  Hope it will be a model private research institute for India in the future.   

  • Prof. AJAYAN VINU, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. 
    I am really impressedby the facilities and the quality of the students and faculty members.  Within a short span  of time  they  have  established  a world class centre for catalysis.      I am  sure  and hopeful that this institute  will  become  the  top  research  institute  in  the  field of catalysis.  I also see a huge potential for research collaboration and happy and looking forward to enhancing the research collaboration with PPISR 

  • Mr. SACHIN JOSHI, Licensing Manager, GTC Technology, USA.
    It was an enriching and enlightening experience.  The institute at a time when it is starting to receive fruits of benefits from Swamiji’s vision.   The dedication of the Director, faculty and staff with commitment shown by fellows and students has expedited the development of the institute and will help the institute achieve great success in near future.  I am honoured to have visited the institute and my best wishes for its success.

  • Dr. RAVINDRANATH NAYAK, Director and Professor, School pf Management, Manipal.     
    I really enjoyed going through your laboratories where your scientists are working enthusiastically with a variety of projects alongwith their PhD students.  The outcome of their research projects how far fetching benefits to humanity and Indianc science and technology.  I wish you all the best in your endeavour.

  • Dr.SHIBASISH GHOSH, I M S C , Chennai.
    It  is  a  great  opportunity  to  visit  PPISR  during  Aravinda’s  PhD  thesis  viva-voce.    I looked  around the departments, guest house buildings, lecture hall etc.,   It gives me a leasing impression about the  institute in  such a calm  and quite  environment,  with such  a natural beauty, but with not any show-ups.  I greatly enjoyed visiting your institute.

  • Prof. CHANDRABHAS NARAYAN. JNCASR, Jakkur Bengaluru:
    It was a great pleasure to spend time in this serene environment,  I was pleasantly surprised to see a strong Industrial and Academic synergy.  This is a very good model for understanding the needs of the world as well as training students in industry capable environment.  The quality of research and the research students are excellent and they are highly motivated.  I wish this institute a great success.    

  • Prof. RAJARAM NITYANANDA, School of Liberal Studies, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru.
    Many reasons to feel good about my first visit to PPISR – seeing the dream which Swamiji described to us in 1980’s being a reality.  Very positive atmosphere, good co-operation of students, faculty and staff.  Serious applied research in materials and catalysis – no barrier between pure and applied.  Wish all the best for its future.  Hope to see flourishing activities in optics- theory, experiment, pure, applied sometime in the future.